Senior Cricket Set - TAP Extreme Duty™

  • PERFECT CRICKET TRAINING TOOL: The TAP Extreme Duty weighted balls are a must-have training tool.
  • SUPERIOR MAKE:The soft shell characteristics of the sand-filled ball causes the ball to flatten and absorb energy upon impact, making the ball stay on the bat longer and inhibits the ball from traveling far. It challenges the player to push their limits.
  • IMPROVES FORM: Power and a good strike are essential to make these balls travel an appreciable distance, making the hitter’s form, tendencies, and striking power more apparent and measurable.
  • CONTENTS:Each set consists of 4 different weights:
  • Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 3.5-Ounce
  • Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 14-Ounce
  • Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 21-Ounce
  • Mini-Medicine Ball, 3-Pound
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The Amber Heavy Balls set is suitable for batting practise. Develop your form and striking power when you practise with this set. The set consists of 3 heavy balls ranging from 3.5 to 21 ounces and 1 medicine ball of 3 pounds to improve core strength.
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