Track and Field Self Return Aluminum Hurdle (Set of 3)

90% of 100
  • GREAT FOR TRAINING: These lightweight hurdles are a great tool for teaching beginners how to properly jump over barriers.
  • IMPROVED AGILITY: Hurdles improve agility, speed and form.
  • SELF RETURN: These aluminium hurdles return to their original position automatically when hit during training.
  • The hurdles are 30" wide.
  • Adjustable to 5 different heights.
  • Mini: 16" to 24" High,
  • Midi: 24" to 34" High,
  • Maxi: 26" to 42" High.
  • COMPACT: Easy to stack and store.
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The Amber Set of 3 Hurdles is perfect for Track and Field Athletics. Balanced to return to the upright position when knocked over, these hurdles also have the advantage of being extremely compact when not in use. SKU: EUMH-MN3 UPC : 8144960119722 SKU : EUMH- MX3 UPC:8144960119968 SKU: EUMH- MD3 UPC : 8144960119890
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