Every track athlete should focus on just one thing: fitness. An athlete’s fitness plays a vital role in track and field training. People believe some athletes are naturally built with agility and the willpower, while some train rigorously to gain their individual fitness goals. Whether you are a natural or not, your fitness can be improved by hard work and training. To maximize and achieve your fitness goals, every track athlete will have to discipline themselves and follow strict training regimen. Some of the workout routines include:


Agility course for fitness:

Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner with maintaining body balance. Athletes undergo tough training to gain the power of moving quickly and easily. In sport, players are not stationary; they are constantly moving forward, sideways and backward. The agility ladder, also known as a speed ladder is one of the best training equipment for fitness and helps athletes to exercise various muscles with different movement patterns. The agility ladder helps improve:

  1. Complete body balance.
  2. Reactive strength, to change quickly from eccentric to concentric contraction.
  3. Quickness.
  4. Hip mobility and coordination
  • Fitness can also be developed by using agility cones and speed chutes. A speed chute is the correct equipment which can dramatically improve your performance.
  • Agility cones are another option for great fitness and swiftness. These cones can be very helpful for the training of an athlete.

Cone Marker and Rubber Medicine Ball

Bouncing Ball Power :

A medicine ball or bouncing ball is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulder, often used for strength training. These balls come in different weights starting from 1 kg up to 11 kg. These balls are great for core area exercises like abs and back.

  1. It works great on the abdominal and back muscle.
  2. Its continuous workout shapes the body, reduces excess fat and strengthens the muscles.
Fitness cones and drills :

Fitness cones, popularly known as dome cones, come in a set of 40. These cones are built to enhance the stamina and fitness of an athlete. These cones are highly demanded by the world's best coaches for their training purposes. Cone drills can be practiced both indoor and outdoor and it's a surefire way to double the fitness level.

  1. It can be used by all age groups.
  2. Fitness cones are used in drills that are highly beneficial for the athletes.


Become a better Athlete :

Becoming a better athlete entirely depends on athlete himself. A strict discipline and routine have to be maintained by athletes before becoming a legend in the field of sport. The field of sport is an ever changing platform where world records were set and broken; injuries can happen in a fraction of seconds and open wide gates of fame, money, popularity and pain as well. A better athlete is one who overcomes all challenges and confidently strides up the ladder of being a legend in sports.

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