Six Ways to Improve Workout with the Punching Bag

The punching bag is a typical boxer’s exercise or workout. Many people do not know the right technique towards the bag and end up with other issues. If the right method is known, improvements can be done to gain the most out of this technique.

Warm up comes always first for any workout. Since the punching bag mostly involves the hands, a small warm up by twisting and turning your wrists and other joint in the arms help a lot.

Another small warm up involving the other joints in your body will aso help in your stance and stability.

Skipping is a great exercise to get that body temperature up and get your blood flowing in all the vessels. A good five minutes with the jump rope can do wonders.

Next comes the fun part, Punching. Begin by jabbing at your punching bag and get a feel of the bag and its rhythm. Observe its movements and move along with the bag. Start cross punching and then hooking.

Next comes the speed. Start by landing some punches at a given speed and then improve on your speed. For increasing your speed distance yourself from the bag and drag your punches. This will improve speed and power. Cross punching with speed will follow later and then hooking.

Increase your strength by dragging your arms away from the bag and land with speed and force. This will affect your strength, stamina and landing power. One must note that punching bags are not the same as dealing with your opponents. At the same time the punching bag is also unpredictable.

Finally you can cool down. Stretch those muscles as some of them have suddenly been put to use and your body may not accept this change immediately.

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