Boxing is a sport where it does not matter how many punches you land on your opponent but how powerful are those punches. The power in those punches is an important factor to knock your opponent. There are many ways to improve that power and are all very simple to workout. An important point to remember here is that while you lay all your concentration on improving your punching power, care should be taken that your technique is not affected in any way. Maintaining the footwork, body position and other factors related to boxing along with power is how every professional boxer has gained their title. 

One of the most important ways of increasing one’s punching power is to adopt a great technique. Your technique will define your movements in the ring, around your opponent and placement. An amatuer boxer even during practise cannot land his punches on the bag. Where your punches land depends purely on your technique. It designs your punch , power in those punches and maintains stability at the same time.

Another way to increase your punching power is to increase your speed during delivery of those punches. The impact of a ball falling from a height of ten feet is far greater than than a ball falling from two feet. The speed is much more when it is from a greater height and its impact on the ground is also much greater owing to the speed at which it came. Again this should not affect your technique and positioning. It’s your opponent that should be taken aback at the speed of your delivery and pass out in a few punches. 

Increasing your mass can also greatly improve your punching power. It is an art to figure out how and when to land a punch so as to use your opponent’s mass against himself. This however can only be achieved by gaining more experience in the ring. Sparring helps in more ways than one but the directionality is always predictable. Practising with an opponent can give you many ideas and can guide you to different techniques used by them. Identifying this and preparing yourself for what has to come and boosting your mass all together land a great punch. 

Strength is another aspect to increasing the power in your punch. Strength does not mean thickset muscles and huge bodies but a toned body with healthy muscles. There are workouts specific to increasing the strength in your muscles. A common misconception is the use of weights to build muscle mass. Weights are not so popular in a boxer’s workout. They can however be used to tone up those muscles and increase the strength in them. We often see boxers before and after a match flexing those muscles and jumping up and down trying to stretch out those muscles. Well, flexibility is yet another aspect that influences your punching power in a huge way. The more the flexibility , the lesser the body stiffness and more power in your punch. 

On the whole, each and every boxer goes through a gruesome technique to end up in the limelight. By following these simple techniques and by landing the most powerful of punches, reaching the limelight may not seem so difficult at all.