The whole aspect of fighting doesn’t mean that hard punches and elaborate footwork will bring victory. Sensible footwork and getting hit as less as possible can lead you to the right door which further leads to victory.

        • One of the best defense techniques is trying not to get hit, but in reality when you are inside the ring, you will get hit, no matter what. Trying to get hit as less as possible should probably be our next goal.  Preparing yourself to get hit is also a great technique to welcome those punches but feel less. There is nothing worse than getting hit with an unexpected force which then makes us all see stars.   

        • Practice makes a man perfect. This adage applies a lot when it comes to boxing. Practicing or in boxing terms, sparring is something every boxer should do. It is nothing but having apractice fight. You learn how to tackle, how to land and you also learn a great deal from your opponent. Mind you, you do not learn how to hit harder, but how to hit smarter. Sparring is a great opportunity to meet and face different kind of opponents. There could be of different sizes, challenges and abilities. For each you learn a technique which will help you to apply those techniques while inside the ring.  

      • With speed comes more power. This is another superb technique of self-defense which can probably take your opponent by surprise. When you are slow and steady you try and conserve energy, but when you are quick, your power increases and lands punches that will make you pinch yourself. High speed can be achieved by improving your footwork. There are various workouts for improving your footwork all involving jump ropes. It is a simple, yet brilliant way to increase one’s footwork and improve efficiency. Each boxer has his own custom made footwork. Work out and watch how each of them figure their footwork and try to apply it into your own routine.

      • A simple way to avoid getting hit is to duck. A simple head movement could probably save those teeth and facial structure and give you some time to regain yourself and prepare for the next punch. Blocking is another way to save your precious head, but you definitely get hit somewhere and it is not less painful in any way. Head movement can be related to practicingin front of the mirror and visualizing alphabets and sketching them in the air with your head. Applying them in a match is probably not going to be the same as practicing in front of the mirror which is where sparring comes into play.  

      • Holding pads is another excellent technique to self-defense; being on the other side helps you to learn much more than sparring. By this you can also feel the impact of a punch and discover new techniques. This gives you more time to figure out the openings of your opponent, work on your footwork and control over your opponent and practice your shields and blocks. 


On the whole, boxing should not be about trying to hit more, but trying to hit less, but harder and stronger which will probably require less energy. Also, trying to miss a hit or preparing yourself for those punches are great while preparing yourself in every aspect of life. You can practise blocking with hlep of Focus Mitts. Happy punching!!!