Junior Cricket Set - TAP Extreme Duty™

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Junior Cricket Set - TAP Extreme Duty™

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Make the TAP Extreme Duty™ Weighted Balls your newest cricket training tool. The soft shell characteristics of the sand-filled ball causes the ball to flatten and absorb energy upon impact, making the ball stay on the bat longer and inherently inhibits the ball from traveling far. Power and good form are essential to make these balls travel an appreciable distance after being struck, making the hitter’s form, tendencies, and striking power more apparent and measurable.

  • Promotes good contact and sweet spot awareness
  • Encourages hands-through-the-ball movement
  • Necessitates driving the bat through the ball, reinforcing good extension
  • Requires follow-through benefiting the athlete’s swing finish
  • Durable construction made to last
  • Each set consists of 4 different weights



The TAP Extreme Duty™ Sand-Filled Weighted Balls are durable training balls suitable for use with cricket bats and can be used against a batsman. From beginner to professional, the weighted balls offer a means for building batting strength and speed. To hit these soft weighted balls effectively and with authority, the athlete must drive the bat through the ball due to the ball staying on the bat longer. The enhanced skills and abilities developed through practice with the TAP Extreme Duty™ Weighed Balls can readily transfer to competition.

These sand- and air-filled balls help batsmen drive the bat through the ball after contact using underload and overload principals. The lighter (underload) balls allow the bat to move through the ball more quickly with less force, thereby increasing speed. Hitting the heavier (overload) balls makes the bat moving through ball much more difficult requiring the body to hit with more force, thereby increasing strength. If your goal is to become more explosive and powerful in order to hit the ball further, you must train that way, and the TAP Extreme Duty™ Balls will assist you to accomplish your goal.

Julian Wood, renowned power hitting coach, uses the TAP Extreme Duty™ Weighted Balls with players internationally when developing power hitting technique. Simply put, the end result of his training with these balls encourages consistent strike quality and promotes “six hitting.”

Pliable and resilient, the TAP Extreme Duty™ Weighted Balls are designed for institutional and commercial application. Developed for use in close quarters, they are excellent tools for providing resistance through the range of motion used in batting to improve strength and speed. Additionally, these balls are outstanding implements to increase arm strength for throwing and can be thrown against hard surfaces, padding, or net.

These durable balls are sold as a set of four balls of increasing weights to support underload/overload and strength training. The Junior Set is appropriate for batsmen with beginning/intermediate skills and strength and includes the: 3.5 oz.; 7 oz.; 14 oz.; and 21 oz. weighted balls. Batsmen with advanced skills and strength should consider the Senior Cricket Set - TAP Extreme Duty™ Balls,.

Color-coded and sand-filled, these mini-medicine balls are flexible, squeezable, and easy to handle. The 3.5 (orange), 7 (red), 14 (yellow), and 21(blue) oz. balls are approximately 3” in diameter while the 3 lb. (silver) ball has a diameter of approximately 4”. They are ideal for exercises and drills in environments where rebounding is not desired. A carry bag is included with each set.

These weighted implements are not toys and should be used with proper instruction and supervision in areas where there are no sharp edges or points. There is a 90 day limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Instructions for use are not included.

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