Boxing Accessories

All our boxing accessories at Amber fight gear are made of the finest quality for the best of the boxers. We have all that a boxer will require and much more. The double end bag gives a solid workout for those punches, Speed bag swivels with a chain link, with a screw pin and the professional type are also available, heavy bag hangers and chains depending on your choice, boxing focus mitts for your undivided attention, boxing sets, speed bags again for those powerful punches and stability. We also have a deluxe boxing round timer for the match days and for training purpose. They are colorful, attractive and serve their purpose as well. Boxing sets consist of all the required components needed for a boxer. It has a heavy bag, a heavy bag chain with swivel, gloves, skipping rope and focus mitts. All our equipment does not focus only for the match day, but provide you with everything right from the beginning. Our products are genuine and will make any boxer feel more confident about him. Choose from our huge selection and get your equipment at Amber Fight Gear store.